PacMaps: Auf Google Maps PAC-MAN spielen

Ich habe gerade noch meinen Arbeitsplan für die nächsten Tage zusammengestellt, als mich dieser kleine Link anlächelte:
Play PAC-MAN in Google Maps

Open Google Maps on your computer.
Search for a place you think PAC-MAN might be. Get hints now. Or, navigate to a place on the map where you want to start your game.
If you find a location, click the PAC-MAN pin on the map .
If no pin is visible, in the bottom left, click PAC-MAN.

Your map will change to a game board, and you can start playing. If you can’t see the PAC-MAN tile, try making your browser window bigger so that there is enough room to play.

How to control PAC-MAN

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to change PAC-MAN’s direction. You can press two keys at once to move diagonally.

Play more or share your score

After you run out of your 5 lives, you can click Try again to keep playing or an icon under Share your score to tell others.

Damit ist dann der Tag gelaufen. Ach, was sage ich da: Die Woche!

via Tech Crunch

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