Clients from hell

Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid ist gar nicht mal so richtig. Ich fühle mich irgendwie nicht besser, dass die Volkskrankkeit „Schwieriger Kunde“ international und unimpfbar um sich greift. Und so startet der Montag Morgen dank René mal wieder mit schlechter Laune, denn ich habe nun die Bestätigung, dass sie niemals aussterben werden, die Kunden aus der Hölle:

I have a design already made, or at least I know exactly what I want so it should be easy for you if you’re a good designer. Also, I would built this site myself but I don’t have time. It is a very straight forward build that I could do myself so I expect to not have to pay for this.

Auch schön:

I need a website, FAST. I want it set up so that I can add, edit, and delete content when I need to and I need it done as soon as possible. How do we go doing thist? It should not cost that much, as there are so many free websites available these days.


We don’t like the font in the logo – could you use the one Microsoft use in their software…I think it’s called Arial. I think everyone likes that one – you see it everywhere.

Wobei mir das wirklich den Tag versüßt hat:

You’re gonna charge $400 for that? Aren’t you from India? What’re you going to do with $400?!